Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Get So Confused

Is breastfeeding a sacred right or controversial this week? A Drudge headline today says this unreleased Korean Oreo ad is controversial, but if so, is it because the baby is nursing, or because it is looking at an Oreo cookie while doing so? There's also an NSFW version, but I'm pretty sure La Leche League would only be offended by the product placement in either version, if at all.

As a photographer, I'm pretty impressed by the overall composition. How on Earth do you even get a baby to do that (hold and view a cookie while nursing), let alone get the name of the cookie in sharp focus while keeping the infant's hair and rest of the photo in just slightly soft focus?

Update: Time Magazine is on board the controversial sacred right idea this week with its cover photo of a 3 year old boy being nursed while standing on a chair to reach also-standing mom. Per the associated article, extended nursing is part of "attachment parenting", along with co-sleeping (having a child share a parental bed), and baby-wearing (carrying a baby around in a front or back pack or sling.)

Personally, I find the Time photo more questionable than the Oreo one, in that the 3 year old boy involved may face peer pressure from weaned classmates, and the possibility of a helicopter parent.

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