Thursday, November 8, 2012

Information Wants to be Free

I thought immediately of Whole Earth Catalog creator Stewart Brand's famous quote "Information wants to be free" on seeing this blog entry (via Instapundit):
  • "We can promise the have-nots ALL the movies for FREE. 
  •  We can promise them ALL the video games for FREE. 
  • We can promise them a copy of EVERY song for FREE. 
  • We can promise them a copy of EVERY single college course taught at an Ivy League school for FREE"
Why? "...when things go digital, SCARCITY goes out the window."

Sounds popular, and easier to implement than Instapundit's proposal to repeal Hollywood tax cuts.
I might feel differently if any of my books were still in print, but I never have understood why Republicans in Congress support ever-increasing intellectual property rights, when those who benefit the most hate Republicans.

Can you EVER imagine a time when it will be OK with the Disney corporation for the copyright on the first Mickey Mouse cartoons to expire? Of course not. But why should that still matter to anyone else?

Oh yeah. I just retook the original World's Smallest Political Quiz that started this blog, and it no longer scores me in the middle, but rather as a Libertarian on all but one question.

Update: Turns out I've already similarly blogged here Free Mickey Mouse indeed!

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