Sunday, November 13, 2016

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar

Progressives may now be making the same mistake with Donald Trump that they made with Justice Clarence Thomas.

Rather than trying to engage with and co-opt Clarence Thomas as a new Supreme Court justice, they attacked him so fiercely and for so long over so little, that he has become their worst nightmare - for decades.

Now it is happening again. Donald Trump has indicated one reason he decided to run for President was because he was so widely and mercilessly mocked by Democrats for honestly questioning President Obama's apparent lack of a provably-valid birth certificate.

Prior to that, he was a happy Democrat.

So now, instead of befriending Trump and encouraging him to re-find his once-progressive opinions, progressives riot and protest in the streets as if he's still the next coming of Hitler. All they achieve that way is making him and his voters even more sure he made the right decision by running as a Republican.

Trump currently seems willing to lay down the hatchet; progressives would be wise to do the same while he's still willing to work with them on common problems.

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